BONUS events on 3-4 May 2017 in Helsinki:


  • BONUS Blue Baltic projects kick-off conference 
  • Triple meeting of Project Coordinators, Advisory Board and Steering Committee
  • BONUS 10th anniversary jubilee evening school and gala dinner


Open consultation of BONUS Art 185, have your say by 30 April 2017! Take part in the consultation here

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News from projects

BONUS MIRACLE at Baltic Sea Future Congress

BONUS MIRACLE was well represented at the Baltic Sea Future Congress on 6-7 March 2017 in Stockholm with two presentations and a poster stand.

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Rethinking stakeholder boundaries in BONUS MIRACLE

BONUS MIRACLE´s social learning process encourages stakeholder to reflect on and redefine their systems of interest.

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BONUS MIRACLE first Policy Brief

Zilans and Schwarz have written a Policy Brief (Report D 6.2) “Increasing the effectiveness of ecosystem services provision from reduced eutrophication and flood risk management – Success factors of innovative instruments in agricultural and environmental policies”.

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Project blogs

28.02.2017 18:16How stakeholders help to bring results to perfection – Or: One step back, two steps forward. (MIRACLE) Johannes Friedrich Carolus

The 4th workshop in Germany, one of the four case study areas of the MIRACLE project, was held on 24th February 2017. Project members and various stakeholders, such as members of farming unions and governmental representatives with an agricultural, environmental or water management background gathered in Magdeburg, Germany, to continue the discussions about various issues connected to the project's aims and subjects.

Besides of following up on the last workshop, discussing the updated hydro-modelling results, and looking at the way forward, a major part of the meeting took the presentation, discussion and verification of the cost structures of the different measures, and the preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) results. Stakeholders could for instance verify “our” average gross margin in the Selke river area (can be used as an estimate of farmers’ lost income due to implementing a certain measure), or our approach to define “contour ploughing” as cost-neutral. Other potential measures were identified as redundant, e.g. due to being implemented anyway, or due to being no longer supported by the CAP in this specific area. Furthermore, stakeholders offered to provide more specific cost data of some very specific measures (such as the “ventilation and treatment of mine water and mine water retention” or the “dismantling of transverse structures”).

While the CBA results are still broad and based on many assumptions, every stakeholder verification, comment or correction makes it possible to fill more and more gaps, and therefore generate results closer to reality - one step back, two steps forward.


Slide with basic cost structures to encourage stakeholder discussions [preliminary and showcase numbers, please do not use or share]
Slide with preliminary CBA results to encourage stakeholder discussions [preliminary and showcase numbers, please do not use or share]

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Strategic research agenda

Developed together with over 800 stakeholders across the Baltic Sea region, this serves as the backbone of the BONUS programme.

Call information

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BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic closed in March 2016 for independent evaluations. The final outcome of projects to be funded by late 2016.

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Find out more about projects funded from BONUS calls open 2012-2015, as well as BONUS+ pilot projects implemented 2009-2011.


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Find out more about implementing BONUS projects, including scientific and financial management and other information. 

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Young scientists

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NEW! REGISTRATION is OPEN for the next BONUS Young Scientist Club that will convene on 12 June 2017 at the 11th BSSC in Rostock, Germany. 

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In horizon: The tenth anniversary of BONUS, the eleventh Baltic Sea Science Congress and the sixth BONUS Young Scientist Club...

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BONUS publications
BONUS reports, newsletter, briefings, brochure and other can be obtained in soft copy downloads or in hard copy by post.

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