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by Andris Andrusaitis, Acting Executive Director, BONUS EEIG

News from projects

15.01.2019 Application open for the BONUS BASMATI PhD course on MSP

The University of Turku and the BONUS BASMATI project will jointly arrange a 5 ECTS PhD level course in Turku, Finland. The course will be held at the beginning of May 2019. Application deadline is 18.3.2019.

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10.01.2019 New BONUS GOHERR publication: Socio-cultural values as a dimension of fisheries governance: the cases of Baltic salmon and herring

The paper demonstrates the multivalued nature of fish resources and suggests systematic inclusion of values in fisheries governance, to enhance the legitimacy of decisions.

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Project blogs

05.01.2019 13:59BLUEWEBS meeting, 3-5 December 2018, University of Hamburg, Germany (BONUS BLUEWEBS- NOVELTY & THE BALTIC SEA) Yosr Ammar

The project is moving forward in a nice group dynamic, sharing ideas and collaborations between different work packages. As a first experience in a big project, I was impressed by how things are advancing and coming along to reach the project goals.

During this meeting, the main discussion was about how we can achieve a good environmental status (GES) and Blue Growth (BG) under novel Baltic conditions. So, how can we define novelty? In fact, novelty can be defined in different ways, depending on the scale (time and space), the purpose of the study and its different components. Soon I will come back with how I use novelty in my study of the Baltic Sea ecosystem.IMG_1139 (2)

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In horizon: The third BONUS symposium on sustainable ecosystem governance in March 2018 etc...

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Young scientists

Hugh Kearns at YSC2017
The sixth BONUS Young Scientist Club convened on 12 June 2017 at the 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress in Rostock, Germany. 

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