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22.01.2018 New BONUS GOHERR publication addresses factors determining the performance of individual salmon

Jacobson, Gårdmark, Östergren, Casini and Huss: "Size-dependent prey availability affects diet and performance of predatory fish at sea: a case study of Atlantic salmon"

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09.01.2018 08:12It’s not a time to be picky, and sprat knows it better (The view of a data scientist - BONUS BIO-C3 & BONUS INSPIRE)

Sprat and herring eat the same food, but should they compete, then the sprat will more likely win. That is because sprat is less picky about what it eats, and also more successful in finding its meal than herring. And the competition is tough, since food is limiting for both species these days in the Baltic Sea.

These were very shortly the main findings of the BONUS INSPIRE clupeid feeding survey in the summer of 2015, where >1500 fish were caught and cut open, to have a close look at what they had eaten.

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In horizon: The third BONUS symposium on sustainable ecosystem governance in March 2018 etc...

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Young scientists

Hugh Kearns at YSC2017
The sixth BONUS Young Scientist Club convened on 12 June 2017 at the 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress in Rostock, Germany. 

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