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Group photo small 6.11. Minna Frii, BONUS EEIG
Photo: Minna Frii, BONUS EEIG
BONUS in Brief November 2018 out!

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News from projects

23.09.2018 New BONUS RETURN Publication: How is the term 'eco-technology' used in the research literature?

The term ‘ecotechnology’ has been used since the early 1970s to describe combinations of practices relating to the environment and technological intervention. Despite its common usage, there seems to be little consensus on its practical meaning. This article sets out a conceptual framework for the term, and proposes a definition of it.

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28.11.2018 New article from BONUS GOHERR explores how backcasting recommendations work across exploratory scenarios, using Baltic herring as an empirical case

Sarkki and Pihlajamäki (2018) propose advancements to scenario literature by theorizing the question how normative recommendations work across exploratory scenarios using Baltic herring as an empirical case. The results point to the need to simultaneously analyse multiple exploratory scenarios; set of normative recommendations instead of single recommendation; implications of multiple drivers on single recommendations; implications of recommendations for multiple stakeholders; and synergies and trade-offs between recommendations.

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Project blogs

04.12.2018 15:45What does the science say? Q & A on Systematic Reviews and Systematic Maps (BONUS RETURN) Neal Haddaway, Caspar Trimmer, Brenda Ochola

While there are growing calls for policy-making to reflect the scientific evidence, that evidence doesn’t always speak with one voice. Frequently, two studies seem to offer diametrically opposed answers to the same question. And it’s all too easy for bias to slip in when we’re selecting, weighing up and interpreting the literature. SEI’s Neal Haddaway introduces two methods that aim to distil objective, transparent and credible answers from the scientific evidence – and new tools to make it easier.

Read the Q&A and watch an interview with Neal Haddaway here

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In horizon: The third BONUS symposium on sustainable ecosystem governance in March 2018 etc...

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Young scientists

Hugh Kearns at YSC2017
The sixth BONUS Young Scientist Club convened on 12 June 2017 at the 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress in Rostock, Germany. 

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