This section provides information relevant for researchers' community of BONUS.

Find out more about BONUS calls open for researchers wanting to apply for BONUS funding.

Check the timings of significant milestones of key policies that are essential to consider if policy-driven research needs are addressed most effectively.

If you are part of a BONUS projectconsortium, see the ample participants' information concerning practicalities related to the projects' implementation, scientific and financial reporting and other matters.

Get in touch with the national contact points from the BONUS participating funding institutions to discuss any country-specific considerations of running a BONUS project.

Learn more about which and what type of projects BONUS is or has been funding in the past.

If you are doing your PhD or are in your first postdoc position, join in the activities BONUS runs or supports for the young scientists of the Baltic Sea region and beyond.  

Researchers' Q&A on matters relevant to researchers. If the answer you are looking for is not found, ask your own question!