Engaging with stakeholders

Stakeholder involvement is one of the key priorities of BONUS. BONUS works to enhance scientific knowledge and its use across policy and socio-economic landscape by transferring aims, progress and results of its research programme to various stakeholder groups for their action and use.  At the programme level, the main mechanism for stakeholder involvement is the BONUS Forum.


The dialogue with stakeholders can potentially have a huge impact in improving the relevance of the research at the decision making level and the society at large, stimulate and raise aspirations, develop knowledge and understanding and enable stakeholders to contribute to the research.


As for the BONUS funded projects, at the very beginning of the project cycle, these projects activate a dedicated communications plan addressing the wide area of dissemination and stakeholder engagement.

The following dedicated BONUS stakeholder web pages are maintained to cater for further information:


Enterprises (SMEs)



More information and results of BONUS projects.


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