“BONUS has been in many ways a great success”

Briefing 30_final_evaluationThe final evaluation of BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme (Art 185), was undertaken in late 2016 and early 2017 by a panel of five independent experts appointed by the European Commission. It was carried out as an obligation stipulated by the September 2010 BONUS legislative Decision made by the European Parliament and the Council. The evaluation assessed in particular the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, EU added value as well as BONUS’ coherence with other EU policies and programmes.

At the time of the evaluation, BONUS had reached its mid-point of implementing the BONUS Art 185 programme; and in October 2017, at the time of the release of the evaluation, the total of projects funded by BONUS Art 185 had amounted to 40, of which the 13 innovation projects had been completed while the rest are still being implemented. A further few synthesis projects will be funded from the final call opened in 2017 with a view that the last project funded in BONUS Art 185 completes its implementation by September 2020.

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