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E-bulletin 64/21.9.2015

Preannouncement of EUR 30 million to fund top Blue Baltic research and innovation

Briefing 25 coverBONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme preannounces a competitive BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic worth a minimum of EUR 30 million to open on Monday, 9 November 2015. Proposals submitted by the deadline of 10 March 2016 will be able to apply for 3-year projects and up to EUR 3 million of funding.

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Registration open to BONUS in Brussels events,
1-2 December 2015

  • Stakeholder conference to showcase BONUS's impact, value and relevance to the European community: Representatives of the European community are warmly welcomed to a BONUS stakeholder conference and a networking lunch starting at 11:00 on Wednesday, 2 December 2015, Madou Plaza Tower, Brussels.
  • Kick-off conference of BONUS sustainable ecosystem services projects, triple meeting and evening school 
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BONUS is a joint Baltic Sea research and development programme producing knowledge to support development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices of the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda. BONUS is funded jointly from the national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea and the EU's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. 

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