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A total of EUR 294 million requested by the proposals submitted to the BONUS call 2012: viable ecosystem

A total of EUR 294 million was requested by the proposals for future Baltic Sea research projects that are competing for the funding of EUR 31 million available for the viable ecosystem part of the BONUS call 2012. The additional funding committed by the proposals submitted for consideration totaled just over EUR 300 million. By the submission deadline of 14 February 2013, BONUS received 87 proposals with a total of 691 potential partners listed.

Three of the BONUS participating states have a total of over hundred partners listed in the proposals submitted. Sweden tops the list (181) and is followed by Germany (113) and Finland (112). Also all the other BONUS participating states are represented: Denmark (86), Poland (65), Estonia (50), Latvia (26), Lithuania (22) as well as Russia (21) which features in total of 18 proposals and participates in BONUS through a bilateral agreement. A total of 15 partners are listed in the proposals submitted from other EU associated countries, including France (5), Norway (4), UK (2) and a partner from Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Swedish partners are coordinating 33 proposals, followed by Finland (25), Germany (11), Denmark (9), Latvia (5), Poland and Estonia (both 4) and Lithuania (1). All but one proposals are coordinated by research organisations. As partners, however, a total of 24 small sized enterprises are listed among the submitted proposals, as are a few medium and large sized enterprises (5) and other organisations (4).

The most popular key theme open for this call among the submitted proposals was the theme number 1.4. Impact of hazardous substances (14), followed by 1.2. Changing biodiversity (13), 2.1. Changes in catchment land cover patterns (12), 4.1. Governance structures, performance and policy instruments (12), and 1.1. Dynamics of biogeochemical processes (11). The least submissions were made under the theme 3.4. Evaluation framework for fisheries management (2), followed by 1.3. Food web structure and dynamics (4) 3.3. Improving stock assessment, spatial heterogeneity of stocks (4). The middle ground in terms of popularity were received by two themes, namely 2.2. The role of the coastal systems (7) and 5.1. Integrated monitoring programmes (8).

The independent expert evaluators will now commence their work and rank the submitted proposals according to one common ranking list which will be the basis for the funding decision. The outcome of the evaluation of the final proposals will be announced by BONUS in May 2013.

The national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea provide half of the funds and the EU Research Framework Programme the other half of the funds of the call.

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The deadline for submission of the (preregistered) proposals on the industry led innovation part of the BONUS call 2012 is 12 March 2013. www.bonusportal.org/inno2012


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