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New estimate from BONUS COCOA: The coastal filter permanently removes more than half of the phosphorus entering the Baltic Sea and one-sixth of the nitrogen

Based on the new results published in a special issue of Limnology and Oceanography journal last week, BONUS COCOA estimates that the coastal filter in the Baltic Sea removes 16% of nitrogen and 53% of phosphorus inputs from land. Nutrient removal rates are specific to ecosystem types: lagoons are hot spots for denitrification and archipelagos for phosphorus burial. In fact, archipelagos act as important phosphorus traps which account for as much as 45% of the coastal phosphorus removal despite them covering only 17% of the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. Such high burial rates could be partly sustained by phosphorus import from the open Baltic Sea.

Article - Asmala, E., Carstensen, J., Conley, D. J., Slomp, C. P., Stadmark, J. and Voss, M. (2017), Efficiency of the coastal filter: Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in the Baltic Sea. Limnol. Oceanogr.. doi:10.1002/lno.10644
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Preregister your proposal for 'BONUS call 2017: Synthesis' by 9 October 2017

Proposals are invited until 9 November for transnational desktop-studies worth up to EUR 450 000 of funding each.
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