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BONUS briefing 29 out now! Innovation projects for healthier marine environment and safety on the sea

Briefing 29_inno_projects The consortia funded from the ‘BONUS call 2012: Innovation’ have demonstrated that collaboration between industrial and academic partners can produce tangible results readily applicable to the challenges of improving the marine environment and maritime safety on the sea. BONUS projects foster cooperation between countries of the Baltic Sea basin while the results and experience can be applied also in other sea basins. This collaboration benefits both: the industrial partners who recognise the real-life needs and constrains, and research partners who provide the state-of-the-art research and scientific knowledge.

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Open access article in Environmental Science & Policy out now! Towards better integration of environmental science in society: Lessons from BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea environmental research and development programme

Based on the two recent studies commissioned by BONUS to assess its programme’s impact with particular emphasis on the years 2009-2016 of BONUS projects’ implementation, a new article has been published in Environmental Science & Policy Journal.

Read the full open access article at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1462901117305622

Read the BONUS briefing number 26, BONUS making a difference: Impacting on scientific excellence and policymaking in the Baltic. This summarises some results of two BONUS impact studies carried out by Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm (2017): Assessment of the BONUS impact on scientific excellence and dissemination, and, Steve Barnard and Mike Elliott (2017): Assessment of BONUS impact: BONUS delivery, performance, and stakeholder opinions.

24 preregistrations submitted to BONUS call 2017: Synthesis worth at least EUR 2 million, final proposal submissions to be made by 9 November 2017

The preregistered consortia are encouraged to begin working on final proposals immediately while the supportive eligibility checks are being carried out by BONUS. The outcome of the eligibility check will be communicated to the consortia via the BONUS Electronic Programme Support System as soon as possible. The evaluation and panel meeting will take place in January 2018 and announcement of the evaluation outcome will be communicated to the successful consortia in February 2018.

Further information will be made available via BONUS e-bulletins – subscribe now if not done so already!

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BONUS is a joint Baltic Sea research and development programme producing knowledge to support development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices of the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda. BONUS is funded jointly from the national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea and the EU. 

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