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BONUS annual conference to present BONUS+ research

The final annual science conference dedicated to
BONUS+ projects (2009-2011) will convene in
St. Petersburg on 22-26 August 2011 as part of
the 8th Baltic Sea Science Congress. This will be
the main forum for BONUS+ scientists to present
to their colleagues new scientific results of the 16
BONUS+ projects ending this year.
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The Young Scientists Club to convene in St. Petersburg

Early career researchers are invited to take part in the
Young Scientists Club that will be held during the Baltic
Sea Science Congress later this month. The event sponsored by BONUS will take place in the Russian State Hydro-meteorological University on Tuesday, 23 August at 8 pm.
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BONUS+ projects' stakeholder activities to be awarded

The BONUS+ projects’ public engagement activities can be nominated for an award until Monday, 5 September 2011. If you know of a successful product or activity developed or produced by one of the 16 BONUS+ projects, get in touch with the respective project and ensure that your favourite is in the running for the award! 
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BONUS+ project coordinators to convene a session at the ICES Annual Science conference

This year's Annual Science Conference of ICES will be held in Gdansk, Poland on 19-23 September 2011 and focus on the Baltic Sea. The theme session R titled ‘Integration of multidisciplinary knowledge in the Baltic Sea to support science-based management’ will be convened by BONUS+ project coordinators Sakari Kuikka, Michael Gilek, Kari Lehtonen and Markus Meier.
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BONUS Forum 2011 registrations open on 12 September

A date to the calendars of representatives of ministries across sectoral borders of the nine Baltic Sea countries –environment, transport, agriculture, forestry and science – who are dealing with marine and maritime issues. The invitations will go out in the coming weeks for the annual BONUS Forum and registrations open on 12 September. This year the Foum showcases results of the BONUS+ projects. It also shares a mutual stakeholder platform with the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy and Baltic Development Forum conference taking place in Gdansk on 24-26 August 2011.
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Training programme on regional ocean governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas

13 November – 16 December 2011, Malta. Applications invited until 16 September 2011.
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Registration open for CLAMER conference on public perception of climate change impacts in the marine environment

The CLAMER (Climate Change & European Marine Ecosystem Research) conference titled ‘Living with a warming ocean: European research and public perception of climate change impacts in the marine environment’ will take place on 15 September 2011 (& pre-event on 14 September 2011) in Brussels, Belgium.
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BONUS+ project in spotlight:


Assessing patterns and importance of genetic biodiversity

First published in the May 2011 issue of BONUS in Brief

Copyright: Daniel Johansson

Environmental changes challenge local and global survival of populations and species. In a species-poor environment like the Baltic Sea this is particularly critical as major ecosystem functions are upheld by single species and genetic variation may be fundamental to both species survival and function.

BALTGENE maps the genetic variation of Baltic Sea key species, outlines factors underlying the patterns of genetic variation and investigates effects on ecosystem functions.

Major findings to date show that policies related to management of genetic biodiversity are either complex or lacking. Species assumed to be genetically homogeneous are in most cases highly structured genetically with local populations being delineated by physical or behavioural barriers (e.g. homing) to gene flow.
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Copyright: L. Bergström


BONUS Secretariat is moving

From 1 September 2011 our address is:
Hakaniemenranta 6
FI-00530 Helsinki, FINLAND

All office emails, telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.

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BONUS is a joint Baltic Sea research and development programme producing knowledge to support development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices of the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda. BONUS is funded jointly from the national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea and the EU's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. 

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