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BONUS Evening School talk on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe

Professor Donald Boesch, Member of the BONUS Advisory
Board, University of Maryland served as a member of the
President Obama’s commission that investigated the Gulf
of Mexico oil spill catastrophe, analysed its causes and
effects, and recommended the actions necessary to
minimise such risks in the future. View the video (in four
parts) recorded at the BONUS Evening School held at
the Academy of Finland, Helsinki on 15.6.2011.

Talk on the NordStream pipeline in the Baltic Sea

The NordStream pipeline development in the Baltic Sea
was the topic of the second talk at the BONUS Evening
School on 15 June 2011. View the video (in three
parts) of the presentation by Dr. Juha-Markku Leppänen,
Marine Research Centre of the Finnish Environment
Institute SYKE.

Maritime Day 2011 and ecosystem-based management

A session ‘The ecosystem-based approach in practice in
managing activities related to the sea’ attracted some
100 stakeholders during this year’s European Maritime
Day held in Gdansk, Poland and generated some good
discussion in the late afternoon of 19 May 2011. View
the BONUS presentation titled ‘The ecosystem-based
approach in practice in managing activities related to
the sea’ and read more

IBAM organises a course on environmental decision support

This short intensive course organised by BONUS+ project IBAM will address the issue of how to support environmental planning and management decisions with information. The focus will be both on information analysis and information systems, their development and use. Presentations, analysis and discussion will be included on concepts such as quality of life and sustainability. The course will be held in Espoo, Finland on 28 November - 2 December 2011.
See the course flyer and read more

Baltic Sea as the first model case for science-based management of the European regional seas

Dr Kaisa Kononen, Executive Director of BONUS writes in
the EU Government Gazette May 2011 issue: In the
past decade the concept of ecosystem approach to
management has been introduced firmly into
environment management policies, regulations and
action plans. The time passed has showed how
multifaceted, multidimensional and ambitious it is to
achieve this goal in practice.
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A new guide to process-based modeling of lakes and coastal seas

A new book titled ‘Guide to Process-based Modeling of Lakes and Coastal Seas’ by Anders Omstedt, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and coordinator of the BALTIC-C project, is to play an important role in making available to all the modeling activity of the BALTIC-C.
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BONUS+ project in spotlight:

Young scientists perspectives on HYPER

First published in the May 2011 issue of BONUS in Brief

The increase of hypoxia (oxygen depletion) in the Baltic Sea over the last century due to human induced nutrient loading is one of the most profound effects on the health of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. HYPER aims at establishing a sound scientific basis for nutrient management and mitigating hypoxia in order to restore ecosystem services. Also, HYPER will add to the description of interaction between benthic fauna and biogeochemical processes in different regions of the Baltic Sea and this way allow for upscaling of the field samplings to a holistic ecosystem assessment.

Close collaboration between geologists, ecologists, biogeochemists, modellers as well as young scientists in the research is already generating important results from the project. Three young scientists present their viewpoints on HYPER.

"As well as the opportunities for scientific progress, HYPER has broadened my research network, both in geography and discipline", says Tom Jilbert, a HYPER PhD student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Also HYPER PhD students Claudia Fey from Institute of Oceanography Warnemunde in Germany and Anna Vilnäs from Marine Research Centre, SYKE/Åbo Akademi University in Finland share their experiences.
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