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BONUS at the EU Maritime Day 2011

The Executive Director of BONUS will be speaking at the
EU Maritime Day taking place on 19-20 May in Gdansk in
the ‘Parallel session 1’ titled ‘The ecosystem-based
approach in practice in managing activities related to the
sea’ in the late afternoon of the 19 May 2011.
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BONUS in Brief newsletter out now

The May 2011 issue of the BONUS in Brief is now available
in hard copies (to subscribe, email bonus@bonuseeig.fi)
and for downloading. The newest edition features
articles highlighting the key 2011 events in the BONUS
calendar, the strategic research agenda update, guest
column featuring DG REGIO, introduction to the Black
Sea SEAS-ERA programme and updates from the

Register to the 8th Baltic Sea Science Congress co-organised with BONUS

The joint Baltic Sea Science Congress and BONUS+ final
annual conference titled ‘Joint research efforts for
sustainable ecosystem management’, will be held on
22-26 August 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Altogether
eight of 19 thematic sessions of the Congress have been
initiated by the BONUS+ scientists. Please register here.
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Competition for the BONUS+ projects announced

The BONUS secretariat is running a competition for the best outreach activity or product carried out or developed by a BONUS+ project during the full funding period of 2009-2011. The winning project will be presented with EUR 5000 award and its use is to be decided within the winning project team alone.
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BONUS in Brief guest column: EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region

Anders Lindholm from the European Commission, Directorate General for Regional Policy outlines the developments of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region after one and a half years into its implementation phase. He also highlights how BONUS can play an important role by ensuring that the recommendations coming out of the BONUS projects are picked up also by other funding programmes and thus realising the necessary steps we need to take to safeguard our common environment.
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PREHAB course on spatial planning well received by the participants

BONUS+ project PREHAB organised a multidisciplinary
PhD-course on marine spatial planning from 22 February
to 3 March titled ‘Ecological, economical and institutional
challenges for spatial planning in the Baltic - a multi-
disciplinary introductory course on ecological mapping and
economic valuation of coastal areas’. Sixteen students from eight countries were selected to attend the course.
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BONUS+ project in spotlight:


Analysing how climate change and eutrophication impact methane gas production, accumulation and flow

New research results by an international research project BALTIC GAS show that there are large areas in the central and southern Baltic Sea where the diffuse release of (greenhouse gas) methane from the seabed is considerable and causes highly raised methane concentrations in the bottom water.

The BALTIC GAS project of BONUS explores emissions of methane from the seabed of the Baltic Sea into the overlying water column and further into the atmosphere.  It has now compiled a rich dataset to model and understand how free gas builds up in the seabed over thousands of years. The scientists are analysing how, in particular, climate change and eutrophication impact methane gas production, gas accumulation and methane flux.

“It has already become clear from our research that when the accumulation rate in the basins of organic-rich mud exceeds a certain threshold, the development of free gas is triggered and hot-spot areas of high potential methane emission are generated,” said Bo Barker Jørgensen, BALTIC GAS coordinator from Center for Geomicrobiology, Aarhus University.
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Bo Barker Jørgensen (r.) with his crew.
Photo: R.Prien


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