1/2011 Bulletin 25.1.2011
Call for proposals - Developing a methodology for research infrastructure integration within the framework of the Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme BONUS
BONUS as the contracting party hereby invites proposals for the development of a methodology for research infrastructure integration within the framework of the Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme BONUS. The closing date for submissions of the proposals is 2.2.2011 at 16.00 hours.
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Preparations for the joint Baltic Sea research programme concluded in Finland

Over 90 leading actors of the marine and maritime research in Finland endorsed a set of key Baltic Sea research and development activities for the coming years.
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Dedicated stakeholder workshops nearing completion

By now most of the national workshops that are being arranged by the BONUS Advocates in the eight Baltic Sea countries are being completed. These will provide key intelligence to the development of the Strategic Research Agenda.
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AMBER workshop on Lagoon Ecosystem Modelling (ECOPATH/ECOSIM)

21- 23 June 2011, University of Klaipeda
In the framework of the BONUS+ Project AMBER a workshop will take place for Ph.D. students from countries around the Baltic Sea. The students should become familiar with fundamental principles of modelling and should learn the application of ECOPATH/ECOSIM to a given data set and the development of sustainable fisheries.
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Baltic Sea issues need to be considered holistically
Management of the Baltic Sea issues is scattered between several ministries and other actors. Read an article first published as an editorial in the Helsingin Sanomat, by Kaisa Kononen, Executive Director, BONUS and Elina Nikkola, BONUS Advocate, Academy of Finland.
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BONUS Forum to be held in late autumn

The BONUS Forum, established in 2010 by its Kick-off Conference held in Tallinn on 12 October, will continue convening as a permanent stakeholder consultation body. BONUS continues to intensify its links with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), and plans to organise the BONUS Forum 2011 in connection with the EUSBSR annual conference and the mutual stakeholder platform in late October/early November in Gdansk, Poland. The Forum will demonstrate outcomes and success stories of the BONUS+ projects that are ending in 2011.

The exact dates for the EUSBSR annual conference and the BONUS Forum 2011 will be announced soon and posted here.  Please note that the Gdansk event will replace the earlier plan for BONUS to convene a final conference for the BONUS+ projects in Gothenburg in December.

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BONUS is a joint Baltic Sea research and development programme producing knowledge to support development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices of the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda. BONUS is funded jointly from the national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea and the EU's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. 

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