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BONUS Forum, Monday, 24 October 2011, Gdansk

The BONUS Forum is fast approaching. For last minute registrations go to www.bonusportal.org/bf11, alternatively contact Ms Tiina Tembe at tiina.tembe(at)bonuseeig.fi. There is still time to come along!

The Forum will bring together policymakers from the Baltic Sea countries representing ministries across sectoral borders. The key note will be delivered by the Executive Secretary of HELCOM, Anne Christine Brusendorff. The 16 BONUS+ projects will be on show linking the most up-to-date top Baltic Sea research with the policy context of today. Materials highlighting the key results will be available for the BONUS Forum participants and online on the BONUS website from Monday.

The BONUS Forum 2011 programme  (PDF)

You can also view online as the BONUS Forum unfolds on Monday, 24 October 2011 at www.bonusportal.org/bf11! Clips from the BONUS Forum will be available in YouTube by early November 2011.

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European seminar
 – registration reminder

The other BONUS+ autumn seminar on 8 November 2011 in Brussels is also fast approaching. Do not miss your opportunity to access the latest Baltic Sea research!

The event is free of charge and we will start with a welcoming lunch followed by a questions and answers panel. You can ask questions in advance or on the day, or simply come along and listen in to find out, for example, why scientists think that people will have to fundamentally change some of their habits in order to reach environmental goals for the Baltic Sea?

The latest knowledge produced by the BONUS+ projects will provide answers also to questions such as what are the predictions in terms of the sea level, temperature, salinity and oxygen conditions for a 100 years from now? Or how have we succeeded in untangling the effects of eutrophication and climate change in the Baltic? Will the whole Baltic Sea be dead in year 2020? Come to find out!

More information and registration is available at www.bonusportal.org/bbs11.

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BONUS is a joint Baltic Sea research and development programme producing knowledge to support development and implementation of regulations, policies and management practices of the Baltic Sea region. It issues calls for competitive proposals and funds projects of high excellence and relevance based on its strategic research agenda. BONUS is funded jointly from the national research funding institutions in the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea and the EU's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. 

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