Geopositional early warning system integration for disaster prevention in the Baltic Sea

BONUS GEOILWATCH Coordinator, Heidi Pihlak
Coordinator: Heidi Pihlak, Tallinn University of Technology
Share of the BONUS funding: EUR 476 958
Duration: 2 years, 1.5.2014-30.4.2016

Summaries of annual reports:
BONUS GEOILWATCH year 1 report

The main aim of the project is to develop the innovative observation data management system for marine information in the Baltic Sea region.

The project objectives are:
1. To provide a reliable information system for the monitoring of oil spills from different sources
2. To connect through a single transmission network data coming from various sources
3. To analyze and process such data
4. To assess the existing information and to develop the single data interface for Seatrack web oil spill forecasting and backtracking system.

BONUS GEOILWATCH will develop the next-generation data interface by means of remote sensing, in-situ, underwater and airborne observation, computer models and expert analysis to detect oil spills. The BONUS GEOILWATCH realizes objectives of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

BONUS GEOILWATCH will result into a proof-of-concept of a data interface with the Seatrack Web platform ensuring the timely delivery of key oils spill data. 

Project aims to:
• Increase in frequency of aerial monitoring from two flights a year (see HELCOM RESPONSE) to weekly surveillance
• Improvement of the reliability of SAR data from satellite sources
• Reduction of the number of unnoticed oil spills by a factor of 4
• Availability of data at the rate usual for meteorological data

• Assess the user interface for Seatrack Web for inclusion of new sources of real time oil spill information
• Make recommendations and a detailed action plan

Key words: Oil spill monitoring, Sea Track Web, forecasting systems, UAV, in-situ and SAR data

Partners: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden

Introductory article: see page 7 of BONUS in Brief May 2014

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