Enhanced situational awareness to improve maritime safety in the Baltic

heidi kuusniemi
BONUS ESABALT coordinator, Heidi Kuusniemi
Coordinator: Heidi Kuusniemi, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, Kirkkonummi
Share of the BONUS funding: EUR 374 573

Duration: 2 years, 1.3.2014-28.2.2016

Summaries of annual reports:
BONUS ESABALT final report
BONUS ESABALT year 1 report

The BONUS ESABALT project is a feasibility study of an integrated system for enhancing maritime safety, which incorporates the latest technological advances in positioning, e-Navigation, Earth observation systems, and multi-channel cooperative communications. The most novel part of the BONUS ESABALT concept, however, is a focus on user-driven crowdsourcing techniques for information gathering and integration. The system will consist of a situational awareness solution for real-time maritime traffic monitoring via utilizing various positioning technologies; an observation system of the marine environment relevant to transportation and accidents including assessing the sea ice, oil spread, waves, wind etc.; and a methodology for context-aware maritime communication with cooperative, multi-channel capabilities. Three associated services will also be developed on top the integrated solution including intelligent marine navigation and routing services, efficient emergency response, and environmental monitoring and reporting with emphasis on cross-border functionality. Real-time traffic situations will be detected with satellite and terrestrial navigation sensors, while the state of the sea will be identified with images from Earth observation satellites, local vessel sensors, fixed sensor stations and deployable sensor stations. The project will define an intelligent, novel, user-driven solution and associated services for enhancing the maritime safety in the whole Baltic area.  

: Maritime safety, e-navigation, crowdsourcing, positioning technologies, Earth observation

Partners: Finland, Poland, Sweden

Introductory article: see page 5 of BONUS in Brief May 2014 

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