The captain assistant for navigation and routing during operations in harbour system

Anchor Brzostowski
BONUS ANCHOR coordinator, Karol Brzostowski
Project coordinator: Karol Brzostowski, Astri Polska Sp. z o. o.
Share of the BONUS funding: EUR 424 397
Duration: 2,25 years, 1.4.2014-30.6.2016

Summaries of annual reports:
BONUS ANCHOR final report
BONUS ANCHOR year 1 report

The aim of the BONUS ANCHOR project is to deliver the Captain Assistant for Navigation and Routing during Operations in Harbor system for large ships incoming to and outgoing from the harbors.

The system consist of three parts: ship subsystem, harbor infrastructure subsystem and communication subsystem. The main objectives is to increase the safety of ships movement in harbors and to control the environment (weather and water) in the Baltic area close to the harbour.

Main functionalities:
• integration and implementation of innovative navigation solutions that uses GNSS and INS,
• software for the visualization of the ship localization and docking path,
• the path and docking time prediction related to the ship parameters,
• communication and data transfer,
• information about meteorology and hydrology from internet servers and network of sensors.
The system idea is inspired by potential end-users ( the idea was created during the meetings with the Ship Pilots, the ship Captains and the harbor operators). The BONUS ANCHOR system will fulfil the first of all the theme 5.3 of the Bonus call in the area of development of new information and communication technology-based tools and services responding to the marine and maritime information needs.
Keywords: Environment monitoring, internet information platform, navigation, docking algorithm

Partners: Poland, Germany, France

Introductory article: see page 5 of BONUS in Brief May 2014

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