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Get involved with contributing to the BONUS projects' website

The BONUS projects' website was launched in autumn 2014, updated and managed by the BONUS projects themselves. Both full year's running, ca. 30 000 visits have been recorded on In particularly, the new blogs feature has proven very popular, receiving half of the visits to the site. Blogs section provides  early career researchers such as PhDs and PostDocs (as well as other interested BONUS project participants!) a platform to share their own research - fieldwork - life/work balance - starting new collaboration, current scientific trends, applying for funds etc. The benefits derived from a simple undertaking such as the blogs, are manyfold. Besides bringing projects together and sharing knowledge and experiences from diverse research fields, especially for the young scientist this can at the best work towards setting the foundation for networking and collaborations in the future. A steady stream of posts regarding experiences as a PhD/PostDoc will provide also invaluable guidance to undergraduate/graduate students hoping to follow the same or similar scientific path. To engage and start blogging, contact the BONUS Secretariat.

BONUS Young Scientist Club meetings and training sessions

BONUS young scientists club dates back to 2009

First initiated as the Young Scientist Club of BONUS in 2009, the importance of investing efforts in young scientists community in the Baltic Sea region continues to be in the core of the BONUS programme. The ambition of the BONUS sponsored young scientist activities is to promote the creation of networks of tomorrow's leading Baltic Sea scientists across disciplines in the early stages of their careers.

During conferences and events (co)organised by BONUS, BONUS has sponsored Baltic Sea's young scientists training sessions e.g. on public engagement, as well as young scientist led events to discuss matters related to their experiences and work, as well as more informal get-togethers for networking and socialising.

Past events

The sixth meeting of the BONUS Young Scientists Club, Rostock, 12 June 2017:
Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback received after the last BONUS Young Scientists Club training session during the BSSC 2015 in Riga, Hugh Kearns from Flinders University, Australia, returned to run another training session, this time titled Turbo-charge your writing and communicate the impact of your research!’.  Over 70 young scientists participated in the session on the first (registration) day of the 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress 2017 on 12 June 2017, Rostock. Again, the training session was filmed and will be made available shortly via a link to the BONUS young scientist community on the BONUS projects’ website resources section (password protected). The workshop was followed by a relaxed get-together hosted by young scientists and students of the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research and the University of Rostock, and sponsored by BONUS. Read more

BLOG by Riina Klais (BONUS BIO-C3 and INSPIRE projects) on her choice of useful tips gained from the workshop
Hugh Kearns at YSC2017
Hugh Kearns recapping his presentation ‘Turbo-charge your writing and communicate the impact of your research!’

20 September 2016: The joint BONUS and ICES workshop on getting published brought together some 70 participants to the lunchtime workshop during the ICES annual science conference in Riga, Latvia (summary). 

7 March 2016: BONUS & PE2020 training 'Gaining insights into social media and blogging'
gathered almost 30 young scientists together. The training session covered both the best practices for different social media channels, and the secrets of effective and inspiring blogging. The training session climaxed with a blog clinic exercise, where participants with some help from the trainers started to work on their individual blog posts for BONUS projects' blogs - some for the first time ever! The trainers were from science communication company Kaskas Media. Read more

Did you miss the training? Watch it on Youtube!
Liisa Mayow from Kaskas Media. Photo: Laura Eskelinen

The fifth meeting of the BONUS Young Scientists Club, Riga, 15 June 2015
The workshop titled 'Seven secrets of extremely successful researchers' was presented by internationally recognised public speaker, educator and researcher Hugh Kearns (Flinders University, Australia) on the first day of the tenth Baltic Sea Science Congress (15-19 June 2015) under the Latvian presidency. This training session was filmed and is made available via a link to the BONUS young scientist community via the BONUS projects’ website resources section (password protected). Read more

Workshop on "Seven secrets of extremely successful researchers" was led by Hugh Kearns (in the middle) during the first day of BSSC in Riga on 15 June 2015. Photo by Tuukka Troberg.

The fourth meeting, 29 August 2013, Klaipeda
This took place during the 9th Baltic Sea Science Congress on 29 August 2013 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The highly popular public engagement themed afternoon and evening for the young scientists attending the Congress was organised by the young researchers of the Klaipeda University supported by the BONUS sponsored workshop facilitator. Read more
Group work session during the young scientists public engagement workshop, Klaipeda, August 2013

The third meeting, 23 August 2011, St. Petersburg
This evening was hosted by the Russian State Hydro-meteorological University's young scientists and in attendance on the fun-laden evening programme were the young scientists participating the 8th Baltic Sea Science Congress coorganised by BONUS. Read more

The second meeting, 19 January 2010, Vilnius

Held during the Annual Conference, the Lithuanian young scientists organised this relaxed and fun meeting entailing a scientific game that had people working together and meeting new colleagues. Read more from the minutes!
Minutes of the 2nd YSC meeting

The first meeting, 14 January 2009, Helsinki
Convened during the Kick Off Conference, the meeting took place at Kumpula Campus, and included first a visit to the Finnish Meteorological Institute and afterwards a meeting and free time at the Department of Geology at the University of Helsinki. Please, read about what was discussed from the minutes!
Minutes of 1st YSC meeting

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