BONUS strategic research agenda

BONUS SRA update 2014The BONUS strategic research agenda is the backbone of the BONUS programme on which all the BONUS calls and hence the projects funded are based on. It has been developed together with over 800 stakeholders across the region including scientists, policy makers and funders in order to ensure that the knowledge produced is fit-for-purpose and well communicated to those who really need it. The BONUS strategic research agenda is transparent, dynamic and flexible, and thus takes into account future demands during its regular updates, most recent published in early 2014. The five strategic objectives deal with ecosystem, coast and catchment area, marine goods and services, societal responses, and observation and data management in the Baltic Sea region.

Download the full current version of the agenda and/or only the executive summary of the agenda (BONUS briefing no. 22). 

To obtain hard copies of the current or earlier versions of the BONUS strategic research agenda (originally developed and published in 2011) and its related documents, visit the PUBLICATIONS section of the website or email the BONUS Secretariat.