Strategic orientation workshops

The BONUS strategic research agenda development and updates' processes are completed during strategic orientation workshops that are scheduled at the end of the transparent  and thorough stakeholder consultations' cycle. During these workshops, the draft of the (updated) agenda is presented to a broad circle of stakeholders including government organisations of all the Baltic Sea states, intergovernmental organisations, European Commission, industries, NGOs and last but not least, the scientific community. The main purpose of the strategic orientation workshop is then to discuss each objective of the research agenda and to achieve a broad consensus among the research funding organisations and the stakeholders on the contents of the programme.

So far two strategic orientation workshops have convened during the current programme:

  • The development of the first strategic research agenda was finalised at the first strategic orientation workshop held in Dikli, Latvia in March 2011. 
  • The update process of the strategic research agenda carried out in 2013 leading to the revised version being published in January 2014 was completed during the second strategic orientation workshop held in Tallinn, Estonia in September 2013.