Research infrastructures

The Baltic Sea countries own and operate a considerable amount of research infrastructures. For BONUS, the most crucial are research vessels as well as marine and coastal field research stations. BONUS encourages joint use of these infrastructures by providing an inventory of the facilities available and by coordinating communication between infrastructure owners. By providing research facilities in kind for the use of BONUS the participating states will also increase total funding volume of the programme for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

Research infrastructures in BONUS 185 programme

According to the BONUS decision (Article 3.2), up to 25% of the contribution from the Participating States may consist in providing in kind infrastructure contribution and is generating same amount of cash contribution from the EC. Concluding agreements on reporting and auditing in kind, free of charge infrastructure contributions between BONUS EEIG and the infrastructure providers is prerequisite for generating matching EC funds.


The process related to the in kind, free of charge infrastructure contributions include the following steps:

- During the application phase, BONUS project applicants notify through their application forms about planned use of in kind free of charge infrastructure contributions.

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- After evaluation, BONUS funding decision and concluding the grant agreement between BONUS and project consortium, BONUS approaches the listed infrastructure providers and concludes the agreements.

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- Consortia are using the infrastructure during project implementation. The use of in kind free of charge infrastructure should be proved by them by providing evidence. There are examples of evidences for research cruises and field stations in the section for BONUS project participants.

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- The infrastructure provider is reporting to the BONUS on the value of infrastructure provisions. Reporting form is in the section for BONUS project participants.

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- There is no deadline for providing evidence or submitting report but it is recommended to do after the event (in case of research ships and field stations) or annual bases (for field stations and advanced computing facilities).

- Funding generated by in kind infrastructure provisions will increase the funding volume of the BONUS calls.

If there is no agreement between BONUS and infrastructure provider and project is receiving access to the infrastructure free of charge, this infrastructure use will be reported within the periodic report.