Partners and funding development

BONUS works closely with and contributes to a number of key European, regional and national programmes including a wide array of different actors on varying levels and capacities. These include HELCOM, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, the Baltic Nest Institute, Baltic Earth, VASAB, Baltic Stern, Baltic Sea Action Group, ICES, Baltic Sea Regional Programme, the BSR Stars programme and many more. See links section for more information.

In its efforts to broaden the funding base, BONUS has taken the initiative to involve innovation funding agencies, and in particular the EUSBSR flagship project BSR Stars, in the BONUS programme.

“Collaboration with BONUS is a great opportunity. It enables us to combine the tools, clusters and structure to be developed via our BSR Stars to match the calls to be opened in BONUS, and vice versa. There are several themes of mutual interest, such as ICT services, ecoinnovation, and observation and data management technologies.”

Karin Nygård Skalman, Programme Manager of BSR Stars, VINNOVA, Sweden