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22.10.2018 08:42

Professorship in Marine and Aquatic Research (Tenure Track) at Åbo Akademi University - deadline for applications 30 November 2018 at 15:00

Åbo Akademi University's established research in marine and archaeological ecology and environment is acclaimed both nationally and internationally. In accordance with the Åbo Akademi University's strategy, the Sea has been chosen as one of the university's profiling areas. The Sea is a multidisciplinary subject with faculties across the Åbo Akademi University. The area for this tenure track position is marine and aquatic research, which is primarily represented in the subject of environmental and marine biology.

Marine research will develop towards a more challenging research profile with solutions that will lead to concrete social benefits and innovative sustainable development. The subject and profile cooperate intimately with other marine research in Finland, the Nordic region and the Baltic Sea Region. The subject also has a strong social relevance and impact. The subject covers topics from molecular and genetic level via individuals, populations to ecological communities and entire ecosystems with focus on structure, function, behavior, evolution and environmental problems. Subjects at the faculty who already conduct aquatic related research, e.g. geology and mineralogy, as well as analytical chemistry and inorganic chemistry, can also support the development of this sea and aquatic research profile.

The holder of the position shall conduct scientific research and teaching based on research. Applicants are expected to have solid skills in quantitative aspects and numerical / mathematical modeling of the marine biological, ecological, oceanographic (physicochemical) and / or biogeochemical properties. The main focus is on the Baltic Sea and its coastal and catchment areas. In addition, the appointee must report on research-based education consistent with the subject of environmental and marine biology education. The tasks include further participation in the development of the faculty's research and teaching activities, procurement of research funds, participation in national and international cooperation within its area, and being active in interaction with the surrounding society.

The position as professor of marine and aquatic research (tenure track) will complement marine biology and multidisciplinary marine research's profile through numerical modeling of marine phenomena and processes, including environmental issues. For the current position, experience of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities, as well as active communication with the surrounding community, is an additional merit.

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