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24.08.2017 New project to develop innovative methods for improved remote sensing of the seafloor in the Baltic Sea

The BONUS ECOMAP project will start its three-year implementation on 1 September 2017.

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09.08.2017 At least EUR 2 million available for knowledge synthesis desktop-studies on sustainable use of Baltic Sea ecosystem services

A competitive ‘BONUS call 2017: Synthesis’ call is now open. Proposals are invited until 9 November 2017 for transnational desktop-studies of up to 18-months and EUR 450 000 of funding. Mandatory preregistration for all applicants is a month earlier on 9 October 2017.

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23.05.2017 BONUS Symposium ‘Science delivery for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea living resources’ hugely popular!

On 22 May abstract submission for the first BONUS symposium completed with impressive 108 submissions. The symposium will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on 17-19 October 2017

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23.03.2017 Nominate the best stakeholder engagement achievement of the BONUS innovation projects

Nominations are welcomed in the coming four weeks for the best stakeholder engagement achievement by the 13 'BONUS call 2012: Innovation' projects. Besides the projects themselves, anyone being impacted by one of these projects’ stakeholder engagement actions, products or events can nominate these projects’ achievement(s) to receive the BONUS award worth EUR 5 000 to be used freely as the winning project team chooses.

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