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24.06.2015 15:39

Over 100 BSSC and local young scientists learn about seven secrets of extremely successful researchers

Hugh Kearns speaking at the start of the workshop... photo by Tuukka Troberg

Based on the feedback provided on the two-hour session ran by a BONUS invited researcher trainer Hugh Kearns, Flinders University, Australia, this session was time extremely well spent for the young scientists who were in Riga last week to attend the 10th Baltic Sea Science Congress. The lecture hall was packed, with also local young scientists joining in the session.


“I think everyone will say that we spent a great time listening and discussing among us the difficult life of early career scientist struggling between science, supervisors, distractions and sense of guilt. It was a mind opening seminar that will help for sure all of us attending it to give a new boost to our studies and research.”

–participant of the workshop, 15 June 2015


The open seminar "Seven secrets of extremely successful researchers"  described the key habits that, based on experience with thousands of research students and post-docs, make a difference to how quickly and easily one completes his/her research. Just as importantly, these habits can greatly reduce the stress and increase the pleasure involved in research! Topics addressed included ways how one deals with supervisor, how to structure time, attitude (or lack thereof!) in relation to research, writer’s block or having difficulty writing, getting the help needed when stuck, juggling multiple commitments and never having enough time as well as keeping on going when the going gets tough.


...and the jacket is off! by Tuukka Troberg
This training session was filmed and is made available via a link to the BONUS young scientist community via the BONUS projects’ website resources section (password protected).


The inspiring afternoon session was followed by a casual get-together organised by the local young scientists, this allowing everybody to forge friendships already at the very beginning of the busy Congress week! 


Workshop participants listening in (above) and sharing a joke (below) while Hugh Kearns speaks...both photos by Tuukka Troberg








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