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16.10.2017 11:14

Open access article in Environmental Science & Policy out now! Towards better integration of environmental science in society: Lessons from BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea environmental research and development programme

Based on the two recent studies commissioned by BONUS to assess its programme’s impact with particular emphasis on the years 2009-2016 of BONUS projects’ implementation, a new article has been published in Environmental Science & Policy Journal.  Among other, instruments of critical importance for successful science-society integration are identified in the article as: (1) coordinating a strategic research agenda with strong inputs from science, policy and management, (2) providing platforms where science and policy can meet, (3) requiring cooperation between scientists to decrease fragmentation, increase quality, clarify uncertainties and increase consensus about environmental problems, (4) encouraging and supporting scientists in disseminating their results through audience-tailored channels, and (5) funding not only primary research but also synthesis projects that evaluate the scientific findings and their practical use in society – in close cooperation with science users − to enhance relevance, credibility and legitimacy of environmental science and expand its practical implementation.

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