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03.01.2017 13:00

Joint HELCOM and BONUS BALTICAPP workshop on the use of ecological-economic research in support of policy, Stockholm, 29-30 March 2017

The joint HELCOM – BONUS BALTICAPP regional workshop on the use of ecological–economic research to support and improve marine policy implementation in the Baltic Sea region will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 29 – 30 March 2017.

The workshop is targeted to experts, as well as policy-makers and managers responsible for environmental protection, maritime spatial planning, climate adaptation and different economic sectors impacting or dependent on marine ecosystem services,e.g. agriculture, fisheries, shipping, tourism,recreation and offshore energy.

The workshop aims to build understanding about how the ongoing ecological-economic research can support marine policy implementation and integrated management, and identify existing gaps and priorities for future social and economic research in order to reach policy objectives in the Baltic Sea region.

More specifically, the workshop will elaborate on:
-how the regional economic and social analyses,and results and tools provided by BONUS research and innovation projects can contribute to marine management and policy-making
-existing gaps and priorities for future research in order to reach policy objectives under the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and relevant directives,such as the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive.

The workshop will focus on future scenarios, marine modelling, use of marine waters, cost of degradation, ecosystem service values and cost-benefit analysis, and emphasise on the interface between science, policy and management. Participants will have the opportunity to find out the latest research results in these fields, contribute to identifying relevant links to various policies and discuss future development needs to serve policy implementation in the best possible way.

The registered participants will receive the agenda and background materials including fact sheets on the presentation topics before the workshop. A jointly developed foresight analysis document, prioritising future ecological-economic research that answers to the operational, medium term and long term policy needs,is expected as one of the main outcomes of the workshop.

Participants are kindly requested to sign in and register to the workshop by answering the Participation Survey on the meeting site no later than 22 March 2017. Please note that you need to first sign up to the HELCOM Meeting Portal before you can register for the workshop and access the documents. Instructions for the use of the Meeting Portal are available on the HELCOM website.

For further information, please email kerstin.joyce(at)


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