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International Phycological Congress (IPC11) to convene 13-19 August 2017, Szczecin, Poland

The Eleventh International Phycological Congress (IPC 11) will take place in Szczecin, Poland, from August 13 (Sunday) through August 19 (Saturday) 2017. Phycologists and others interested in algae from throughout the world are invited to attend this event. This Congress continues in a tradition that began in 1982 with the first IPC in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. The overarching themes of IPC 11 will include the challenges and opportunities of the molecular era for algal research and bioprospecting, addressing the application of molecular tools in phylogeny, evolution, biogeography, ecology and bioindication, and the possibilities for expanding the use of algae and algal products in the renewable energy, food and feed industries and material sciences.

Contributions are sought also from phycologists around the Baltic Sea to part take in a session "Baltic Algae – past, present and future“. All aspects, ranging from molecular work, physiology, taxonomy, ecology, distribution and diversity, applied aspects and more are welcome for both macro- and microalgae (and cyanobacteria). 

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