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18.12.2013 10:09

BONUS research call to open on 16 January 2014

The BONUS Secretariat preannounces the BONUS call 2014: Sustainable ecosystem services to open on Thursday, 16 January 2014. Depending on the theme called, there is up to EUR 2 or 3 million of funding available for successful project proposals with the total funding at EUR 15 million.

Proposals will be sought to cover the following six themes under the strategic objectives 2, 3 and 4 of the BONUS strategic research agenda, update 2014:


Objective 2: Meeting the multifaceted challenges in linking the Baltic Sea with its coast and catchment

· theme 2.3 Integrated approaches to coastal management (up to EUR 3 million per project)


Objective 3: Enhancing sustainable use of coastal and marine goods and services of the Baltic Sea

· theme 3.1 Enhanced, holistic cross-sector maritime risk analysis and management, including effects of new technologies, human factor, climate change effects in open water and in ice, and interaction with onshore activities (up to EUR 2 million per project)

· theme 3.2 Assessing the effects of air and water pollution and introduction of energy (including noise) by shipping activities on the marine environment and integrated water management in harbours (up to EUR 3 million per project)


Objective 4: Improving the capabilities of the society to respond to the current and future challenges directed to the Baltic Sea region

· theme 4.1 Governance structures, policy performance and policy instruments (up to EUR 2 million per project)

· theme 4.2 Linking ecosystem goods and services to human lifestyles and well-being (up to 2 million EUR per project)

· theme 4.3 Maritime spatial planning from local to Baltic Sea region scale (up to 2 million EUR per project)


The call fact sheet, applicants guide, and other relevant information will be made available online when the call opens on 16 January at section of the BONUS website.


The executive summary of the BONUS strategic research agenda, update 2014 is now available for downloading. The full update that outlines the themes and expected outcomes of this call in detail will be published online in the run up to 16 January 2014. Hard copies will be available also on 16 January.


The calendar of national information events for the call is available at and this will be updated each time that a new national information event is confirmed.

Further information and updates are made available as these become available through the BONUS e-bulletin updates (subscribe at and on the BONUS website newsroom.

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