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22.06.2017 12:42

'BONUS call 2017: Synthesis' to open on 9 August

BONUS will open a desk-top study call seeking for successful project proposals on topics to be announced on 9 August 2017. Projects are envisaged to start in September 2018 at the earliest with each project running for a maximum of eighteen months. 

This call will set out to synthesise the research outputs that address the challenges for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea ecosystem services. The proposed projects will be expected to perform critical review of research outputs as well as identify the knowledge gaps and further research needs. Each project funded will be also expected to analyse how successfully the outputs of science have been taken up at different levels of public governance and management, and by industry, and suggest ways to enhance the societal significance and impact of research and innovation relevant to the specific topic.

Topics selected for this call extend across the strategic objectives and themes of the BONUS strategic research agenda; they require an interdisciplinary approach and shall therefore be examined from different angles, e.g. natural science, technology, economy, social aspects.

Projects will be expected to analyse as broad body of research outputs as necessary for robust and unbiased review and credible gap analysis, including, but not limited to, the outputs of research done within BONUS.

Further information will be announced when the 'BONUS call 2017: Synthesis' opens on 9August 2017. Watch out for the BONUS bulletin (subscribe at and other BONUS media!

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