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01.09.2015 14:04

Baltic Sea is as unique as work done by BONUS, says EU Commissioner Moedas

Round table discussion with Commissioner Moedas (in the middle) during the BONUS Steering Committee meeting, 31 August 2015. Copyright: European Commission

Commissioner Carlos Moedas for research, science and innovation after visiting the BONUS Steering Committee meeting on 31 August in Helsinki.


“What brings us together is the concern about the Baltic Sea and its future, concern about its environment, its ability to provide good and services, not only for us but also for the future generation”, reflected the host of the Commissioner's visit, Dr Kaisa Kononen, Executive Director, BONUS.


During his visit, Commissioner Moedas heard about the unique, threatened and valuable Baltic Sea as well as about the BONUS programme and how BONUS is monitoring its impact in creating more scientific excellence, collaboration and groundbreaking innovation.


Commissioner Moedas and the Chair of the BONUS Steering Committee Matt Svensson, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.
The national  integration of the eight BONUS member states to the BONUS programme and its central role in these respective countries were reflected in the statements provided by the Steering Committee members and forthcoming members of BONUS to the Commissioner.  

Commissioner Moedas noted water to be one of the key areas in his priorities, and continued that in fact, originally from a small European country of Portugal himself, considers no country that has sea next to it, to be a small country. He commended BONUS for its valuable and impressive work and felt it should be known for what it does and has achieved to date in Europe by large. 

The programme and participants of the EU Commissioner Moedas's visit to BONUS

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