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10.11.2017 09:20

A total of 21 proposal worth EUR 9 million are competing for funding available in the BONUS call 2017: Synthesis

A total of EUR 9,2 million funding was requested by 21 proposals that are competing for funding of EUR 2 million in the BONUS Synthesis call. The proposals cover all nine topics open for this call.

BONUS will proceed now with the eligibility checks of proposals submitted and then forward the eligible proposals to evaluation. The evaluation and panel meetings will take place in January and proposals will be informed about their outcomes by the end of February 2018. The earliest envisaged start of projects to be funded, after grant agreements have been concluded, will be in September 2018.

More detailed statistics on the BONUS call 2017: Synthesis outcome will be distributed in the coming week(s) in the BONUS e-bulletin (subscribe at

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