HELCOM-BONUS stakeholder conference: Future research needs of the Baltic Sea

The sixth HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan Stakeholder conference and the third BONUS Forum

4 March 2013, Scandic Marine Congress Centre, Helsinki, Finland

The HELCOM-BONUS stakeholder conference addressed the future research needs of the Baltic Sea. The 80 participants represented the scientific community, national authorities, politicians, funders, other Baltic Sea regional bodies, industry, private foundations and NGOs which all have a stake in the sustainable management action in the Baltic Sea region.

The conference focussed on reinforcing the synergies of HELCOM and BONUS in efforts related to defining future research needs in the context of environmental policy and sustainable development. It worked towards ensuring the most desirable contribution from BONUS as a response mechanism to the knowledge needs arising in the course of implementing the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (as well as the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and other key sustainability policies, such as Maritime doctrine of Russia by 2020).

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 The conference programme consisted of a High-level segment: “Baltic Sea region pioneering unique cooperation between policy-making and science”. During session II, presentations on the theme “From science & technology to well-informed decisions” were made and the facilitated panel discussion which followed focused on the same theme. The afternoon session “Closer encounters: Exchanges on future research needs and the BONUS strategic research agenda” had three themes: 1) How to combine innovation and research - how can innovation help in achieving sustainability in the Baltic Sea region? 2) How to address the linkages between human pressures and impacts with the view to achieve a healthy marine ecosystem? 3) From a socio-economic perspective, how to make sustainable use of ecosystem services more effective? The Conference was moderated by Mr. Mikael Sjövall, NEFCO.



Participants list

Media release:
future of the Baltic Sea

Mr. Arnoldas Milukas, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Working together for a better environment in the Baltic Sea region: Horizon 2020

Mr. Fredrik Wulff, Baltic nest Institute, University of Stockholm
What we can - and cannot - expect science to deliver for the environmental policy action in the Baltic Sea region?

Mr. Jesper Andersen, Århus University
Towards ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea: Connecting science, policy and society

Mr. Raine Hermans, Strategic Intelligence, TEKES
The societal impact of innovation with a purpose

Mr. Andris Andrusaitis, BONUS Secretariat
Introduction to the workshop session Closer encounters: Exchanges on future needs and the BONUS strategic research agenda

Video coverage of the conference will be made available here soon.