BONUS young scientists training: Gaining insights into using social media and blogging

7 March 2016, 13:00-16:00, online or on site at University of Helsinki city campus, FREE-OF-CHARGE

Learn how to use social media in game changing ways to ensure that the time you spend on public engagement makes a difference. Gain new insights into blogging and understanding your audience. Get inspired by examples of top scientists using social media to their advantage. Participants will get personal guidance in how to write great research blog posts and help them spread.

PE2020 Public Innovations for Horizon 2020 project funds the training through its pilot case-study programme in which BONUS has been selected as one of the pilots.


Pre-training exercise (prompted once registration below has been completed)

13:00-13:15      Coffee and opening words

13:15–13:45     Keynote, Liisa Mayow, Kaskas Media: Which scientists are doing a great job on social media? Steal their secrets.

13:45–14:25     Channels: What works where and why? Three mini talks on the basics of three social media channels: Twitter,                                          LinkedIn and Wikipedia. Special emphasis on language and style.

14:40–15:00     How to write a great research blog: 5 practical tips  An introduction to quality blogging in a research context.                                            The talk covers all key aspects of blogging, from getting ideas for posts to post structure, language, and how to                                     ensure your blog gets noticed.

15:00-15:45     Exercise: Blog clinic  Facilitation and personal support are provided throughout the exercise.

15:45-16:00     Wrap-up and follow-up plans.