BONUS Forum of Sector Research

12 October 2010

As part of the Strategic Phase of the new Programme, BONUS organised a Forum of Sector Research to bring together representatives of ministries and governmental institutions working on marine and maritime related issues in the Baltic Sea countries. This first BONUS Forum provided stakeholders with a platform to contribute to the development of the BONUS Strategic Research Agenda for the coming years.


The Forum discussed the BONUS Programme and emerging research needs from the policy and decision-making perspectives. Also, the Forum acts as a platform for advancing the Pan-Baltic integration of research and engaging governmental sector with the science-based research initiatives, this with a consideration of joint use and planning of related infrastructures.

The plenary session introduced the BONUS Programme and the European Commission’s view from three Directorate Generals. The working group sessions provided the participants with an opportunity to input their perspectives on the future research needs in the Baltic Sea region, both country specifically as well as thematically.


Report of the BONUS Forum of Sector Research Kick-off Conference

Conference materials


Overview of research needs arising from key marine/ maritime policy documents

Research Policy framework: areas arising from the key policy documents - picture

Reseach areas and sub-areas arising from BONUS poll results

Introduction to the group work

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