4 May 2017, Wanha Satama

The 6th BONUS Forum: Dimensions of BONUS impact was organised as a so- called ’Triple plenary meeting’ consisting of BONUS Project Coordinators as well as Advisory Board and Steering Committee members. In addition, the event was open to other stakeholders. The morning was video-recorded and live streamed with over 30 additional viewers joining the event online in real time. 
Patries Boekholt. Photo by Tuukka Troberg.
The chair of the BONUS Steering Committee Fritz Köster opened the meeting and introduced the first speaker, Patries Boekholt, Managing Director, Technopolis Group who discussed policy and evaluation challenges on P2Ps reality. NEW video

Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm. Photo by Tuukka Troberg.
Professor Pauline Snoeijs Leijonmalm of Stockholm University outlined next the key findings of a recent impact study she carried out on BONUS impact on scientific excellence and dissemination. (video coming soon)

Mike Elliott. Photo by Tuukka Troberg.
Professor Mike Elliott of Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies, University of Hull, explained results of a study on BONUS impact on practical use of BONUS-generated knowledge amongst stakeholders. (video coming soon)

A BONUS briefing 26 was published and made available for the audience summarising the key findings of both impact studies above.
BONUS Briefing 26
Hard copies are available upon requesting at bonus@bonuseeig.fi

The morning session was concluded with a number of stakeholder comments that were made on dimensions of impact:
Ulla Li Zweifel, Professional Secretary, HELCOM - NEW video
Anne Christine Brusendorff, Executive Secretary of ICES (video coming soon)
Talis Linkaits, Head of the VASAB Secretariat - NEW video
Elisabetta Balzi, Deputy Head of Marine Resources Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission - NEW video
Donald Boesch, Director of Center for Environmental Science, University of Maryland - NEW video
Yaroslav Sorokotyaga, Head of Division for International Multilateral Cooperation and cooperation on Post-Soviet Area, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Moscow - NEW video
Anssi Mälkki, Senior Science Advisor, Academy of Finland - NEW video
Eeva Rantama, Head of Unit, Interreg Baltic Sea Region - NEW video
Marcus Reckermann, Head of the Baltic Earth Secretariat - NEW video
Gilles Lericolais, Director of European and international relations, IFREMER - NEW video
Erja Tikka, Ambassador for Baltic Sea issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland - NEW video
Iryna Makarenko, Pollution Monitoring and Assessment Officer, Black Sea Commission - NEW video
Pauli Merriman, Director of WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme - NEW video
Eve Külmallik, Adviser of Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia - NEW video
Jacqueline Wood, Deputy Director of JPI Oceans - NEW video

The day ended in a group photo shoot and a lively discussion over the networking lunch.
Participants of the 6th BONUS Forum. Photo by Tuukka Troberg.

More photos, by Tuukka Troberg: 6th BONUS Forum: Dimensions of BONUS impact, 4 May 2017