3 May 2017, Suomenlinna 

2017_05_03_Pauline-Snoeijs-Leijonmalm-at-BONUS-anniversary-eventsOn the first day, 3 May 2017, representatives of all BONUS research projects and a number of funders, advisory board members and other key end-users of BONUS- generated knowledge and ecotechnologies gathered to Suomenlinna fortress in front of Helinki to listen to a lecture by Professor Pauline Snoeijs-Leijonmalm from Stockholm University on the development of Baltic Sea science over time. This topic stemmed to a large extent from a recently published book by Springer titled ’Biological Oceanography of the Baltic Sea’  which has been edited by Snoeijs-Leijonmalm together with Hendrik Schubert and Teresea Radziejewska, and provided the audience an interesting scene-setter for the day.

The Deputy Head of the Marine Resources Unit, DG Research and Innovation, Ms Elisabetta Balzi, said opening words addressing the ’BONUS call 2015: Blue Baltic’ kick-off conference during which the projects commencing their implementation between April and September this year took the central stage and provided a brief overview of their respective projects. Seven of these projects were announced officially in early April, and the rest will be announced in early June once all projects have concluded their grant agreement negotiations and start their implementation by autumn 2017.

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Blue Baltic projects' kick-off, 3 May 2017, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland