Events archive

Date: 3 May 2017
Venue: Suomenlinna, Finland


Date:     8-9 November 2016
Venue:   Stockholm, Sweden


Date:     19-23 September 2016
Venue:   Copenhagen, Denmark



Date:      6-7 April 2016
Venue:    Helsinki, Finland
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BONUS blog & social media

Date:      7 March 2016
Venue:    online
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BONUS events in Brussels

Date:      1-2 December 2015
Venue:    Brussels, Belgium
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Commissioner Moedas' visit, 31 August 2015

Date:      31 August 2015
Venue:    Helsinki, Finland
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BSSC and BONUS Forum policy day, 17 June 2015

Date:      17 June 2015
Venue:    Riga, Latvia
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The 6th EUSBSR Annual Forum

Date:      15-16 June 2015
Venue:    Jurmala, Latvia
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Maritime Spatial Planning seminar

Date:      20 May 2015
Venue:    Helsinki, Finland
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BONUS at the EurOCEAN 2014 conference

Date:      7-9 October 2014
Venue:    Rome, Italy
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BONUS at the 8th VASAB ministerial meeting 2014

Date:      26 September 2014
Venue:    Tallinn, Estonia
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Financial training for projects funded under call 2012

A series of training events in April and May 2014 was held in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Portal 620 line

BONUS in the European Parliament 2013

Date:       26 November 2013
Venue:     European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
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Strategic orientation workshop 2013

Date:       10-11 September 2013
Venue:     Tallinn, Estonia
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BONUS young scientist events at the BSSC 2013

Date:        29 August 2013
Venue:      Klaipeda, Lithuania
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European Maritime Day 2013

the BONUS exhibition ran throughout the conference days. This year's event took place in Valletta, Malta, 21-22 May 2013. Bremen, Germany, will host next year's EMD.

The Council of the European Union has announced also the host cites for the future European Maritime Days (EMD) for years 2015-2019. Piraeus, Greece will host EMD 2015, Turku, Finland will host EMD 2016, Poole, United Kingdom will host EMD 2017, Burgas, Bulgaria will host EMD 2018 and Lisbon, Portugal will host EMD 2019.
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HELCOM-BONUS stakeholder conference 2013

Date:        4 March 2013
Venue:      Scandic Marine Congress Centre, Helsinki, FinlandPortal 620 line

European Maritime Day 2012

Date:        22 May 2012
Venue:      Gothenburg, Sweden.
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BONUS+ highlights to the European community

Date:        8 November 2011
Venue:      Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels, Belgium
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BONUS Forum 2011

Date:       24 October 2011
Venue:     Gdansk, Poland
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The 8th Baltic Sea Science Congress and BONUS Annual Conference

Date:       22-26 August 2011
Venue:     St.Petersburg, Russia
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BONUS evening school presentations

Date:       15 June 2011
Venue:     Academy of Finland, Helsinki, Finland

Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe: Professor Donald Boesch, Member of the BONUS Advisory Board, University of Maryland, served as a member of the President Obama’s commission that investigated the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe, analysed its causes and effects, and recommended the actions necessary to minimise such risks in the future.
View the video (in four parts)

NordStream pipeline: Dr. Juha-Markku Leppänen, Marine Research Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, talks about reconciling conflicts between marine environment health and drivers arising from economy from the perspective of the NordStream pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
View the video (in three parts)
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Strategic Orientation Workshop

Date:       15-17 March 2011
Venue:     Dikli Manor, Latvia
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Kick-off Conference of BONUS Forum

Date:       12 October 2010
Venue:     Clarion Hotel Euroopa, Tallinn, Estonia
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BONUS Annual Conference 2010

Date:       19-21 January 2010
Venue:     Reval Hotel Lietuva, Vilnius, Lithuania
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7th Baltic Sea Science Congress

Date:       17-21 August 2009
Venue:     Tallinn, Estonia

- BONUS session on socio-economy on 17.8.2009
- Young Scientists Workshop on Mechanisms of Marine Environment Protection & Good Scientific Practice on 20-21.8.2009  Young Scientists Workshop Programme
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Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme kick-off conference 2009

Date:       13-15 January 2009
Venue:     DIPOLI, Espoo, Finland
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Marine Science Contribution to Regional Seas Strategies 2008

Date:       9 December 2008
Venue:     Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels, Belgium