The BONUS Secretariat (EEIG)

The BONUS Secretariat was established as an European Economic Interest Grouping EEIG in 2007 to act as the legal management organisation of BONUS and it serves as the dedicated legal structure for the implementation of the BONUS programme. Currently there are six members of staff managing the BONUS programme under the guidance of the BONUS Steering Committee.

The Secretariat also draws valuable support from the members of the BONUS Advisory Board, the Forum of the Project Coordinators and the national contact points network.

The BONUS Secretariat is funded by the member fees and the Finnish Ministry of Education.

The activities of the BONUS Secretariat (and its Steering Committee) are regulated by various rules and regulations (visit PUBLICATIONS, category 'rules and regulations'). 

Secretariat staff and their responsibilities

BONUS EEIG: Suppliers of goods and services