BONUS ERA-NET 2003-2008

BONUS ERA-NET was a project under the EU 6th Framework Programme implemented during years 2003-2008, with the total funding of 3.03 million euros. The full name of the project was 'BONUS for the Baltic Sea Science – Network of Funding Agencies' and its Contract number ERAC-CT-2003-510204. BONUS ERA-NET was coordinated by the Academy of Finland in 2003-2007 and by the BONUS Secretariat (EEIG) in 2008. 

This project brought together the key research funding organisations from all the EU member states around the Baltic Sea as well as Russia. It was shaped as a consortium of 14 partners - eleven funding agencies, a research institute and two international organisations. 
The goal of BONUS ERA-NET was to establish a network and partnership of key agencies funding research, with the aim to deepen the understanding of conditions for science-based management of environmental issues in the Baltic Sea. To achieve this, BONUS ERA-NET operated in close connection with the scientific and management actors. 
BONUS ERA-NET workshops and meetings brought together managers of marine research programmes, science advisers, legal counsels and finance managers from the partner organisations. In addition, teaching professors of marine sciences, marine research infrastructure managers and scientists were invited to specific workshops. 
BONUS ERA-NET did not offer funding for networking of scientists or research projects. Instead, it made the national research funding organisations cooperate by building up a Joint Baltic Sea research and development programme to fund research. The aim was that the Joint Baltic Sea research and development programme would be implemented under Article 185 (formerly 169) of the Treaty of the European Community.The European Parliament approved this on 16 June 2010.

ERA-NET work packages
ERA-NET partners and observers