BONUS+ briefings

These briefings have been produced to summarise the results of the 16 BONUS+ projects funded 2009-2011. They were launched at the BONUS Forum in October 2011 to provide quick information to policymakers and other key end-users.

BONUS Briefing 2 AMBER Assessment and modelling Baltic ecosystem response

BONUS Briefing 3 BALCOFISH Invetigates chemical pollution by developing fish monitoring

BONUS Briefing 4 BALTGENE Baltic Sea genetic biodiversity

BONUS Briefing 5 BALTIC-C Building predicative capability regarding the Baltic Sea carbon and oxygen system

BONUS Briefing 6 BALTIC GAS Methane emission in the Baltic Sea: gas storage and effects of climate change and eutrophication

BONUS Briefing 7 BALTICWAY The potential of currents for environmental management of the Baltic Sea marine industry

BONUS Briefing 8 BAZOOCA Baltic zooplankton cascades

BONUS Briefing 9 BEAST Biological effects of human induced chemical stress: tools for the assessment of ecosystem health

BONUS Briefing 10 ECOSUPPORT Advanced tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to support decision making

BONUS Briefing 11 HYPER Hypoxia (oxygen depletion) in the Baltic Sea

BONUS Briefing 12 IBAM Integrated Bayesian risk analysis of ecosystem management in the Gulf of Finland

BONUS Briefing 13 INFLOW Holocene saline water inflow changes into the Baltic Sea, ecosystem responses and future scenarios

BONUS Briefing 14 PREHAB Providing tools for sustainable development of the Baltic Sea

BONUS Briefing 15 PROBALT Improving societal conditions for the Baltic Sea protection

BONUS Briefing 16 RECOCA Reduction of Baltic Sea nutrient inputs and cost allocation within the Baltic Sea catchment

BONUS Briefing 17 RISKGOV Environmental risk governance of the Baltic Sea