Integration of pollutant gene responses and fish ecology in Baltic coastal fisheries and management

BALCOFISH final report
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Year 2 progress report
Year 1 progress report
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Begin date 1.1.2009

End date 31.12.2011

Grant: 1 612 763€

Eelpout provides an ideal species for environmental monitoring.
The project will act as a node to explore and establish eelpout as a coastal indicators organism for assessing acceptable impact of pollutants in the Baltic coastal areas. Through our activities it is the purpose to form the basis for a network including all countries (scientists, managers, policymakers etc.) around the Baltic Sea. In the BALCOFISH project the interaction between science and users are important to ensure transfer of research needs and research outcome, and thus benefit development of both environmental sciences and management. We plan to provide high tech science based input for appropriate measures in the management of the Baltic Sea environment to protect it against chemical pollution. Expected outcomes include to integrate genomics and ecotoxicology in studies and test strategies for exploring and establishing causal links of pollutants and effects relevant to coastal fish populations. Expected outcomes include also promoting progress of bridging gaps between science and users in the management of the Baltic Sea by arranging arenas where management, policy and science issues meet. We will arrange workshops including sampling campaigns at several polluted and clean sites including Danish coastal regions, polluted sites in Wismar Bay, pulp mill and sewage effluents recipient coastal sites along the Swedish coast. We will arrange regular project meetings, courses and conferences focusing on bridging gaps between scientists, managers, policymakers.


Fish, molecular responses, pollutants, ecology, management

List of Participants and Principal Scientists

University of Gothenburg, Department of Zoology, Sweden

Lars Forlin  (Coordinator)

National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark

Jakob Strand

Institute for Applied Ecology Ltd., Germany

Jens Gercken

Swedish Board of Fisheries, Sweden

Magnus Appelberg

Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Public Health, SLU, Sweden

Leif Norrgren

Department of Contaminant Research, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden

Anders Bignert

The Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Joakim Larsson

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