BONUS+ 2009-2011

BONUS+ projects' key results to policymakers 

AMBIO Special Issue: BONUS+ in Support of the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Baltic Sea. Volume 43, Issue 1, February 2014

Briefing documents highlighting key results of the BONUS+ projects finishing in 2011 have been prepared in October 2011 for policymakers in order to provide quick information about each of the16 projects. On the back cover of each 4-page briefing, 'at a glance' section summarises, 'in bullets' format, the main results making these quick reference points to the latest top Baltic Sea research. Scientific knowledge as a critical part of policy process supports the efforts of ensuring effective ecosystem based management of the Baltic Sea.

Information on 16 BONUS+ projects 

BONUS+ background and reporting

BONUS+ cruise calendar
(information on the cruises planned in each BONUS+ project and the number of open positions during the BONUS+ 2009-2011).