Tiina Launiainen, BBATiina Tembe

Tiina has been with BONUS since 2007, working as the assistant for the BONUS Secretariat. Her responsibilities include general management of the office, travel arrangements, meetings and events as well as technical support in communications, IT, reporting, invoice handling and personnel administration.

Tiina’s affiliation to BONUS started at the Academy of Finland in 2005-2007, where she worked as the Project Officer for several research programmes, including the ERA-NET project BONUS for the Baltic Sea Science – Network of Funding Agencies. During 2003-2005, she worked at the Finnish Ministry of the Interior in several positions from the post of a trainee to the Executive Secretary, with responsibilities varying from personal assistant to general unit secretarial duties. Tiina received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Finland in 2005.