Questions and answers about BONUS

What is the BONUS vision?

What are the management priorities of BONUS?

What are the strategic objectives of BONUS?

Who can become a BONUS member? What does it entail?

The BONUS EEIG members are national funding institutions in the Baltic Sea countries.  The members form the BONUS’ governing body, the steering committee, which is the highest authority of the BONUS EEIG. Thus being a member means participation in decision making in regards of the strategic orientation of BONUS, on the planning of calls for proposals, on the budget profile, on the eligibility and selection criteria, on the pool of evaluators, on the approval of the ranking list of projects to be funded by BONUS, on the monitoring of progress of the projects funded and on the supervision of the adequate and orderly work of the BONUS Secretariat in relation to BONUS. Also, members contribute funding for the programme.

What does it mean that BONUS contributes to European Research Area (ERA)?

What does it mean that BONUS is an Article-185 programme?

What is BONUS+ ? What are BONUS+ projects?


What is BONUS Law?

Who are the BONUS stakeholders?

Who are the BONUS advocates?

What is the geographical area covered by BONUS?

How does BONUS help to protect the Baltic Sea?

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