Questions and answers about BONUS

What is the BONUS vision?

What are the management priorities of BONUS?
The first priority aims at setting up and implementing a Baltic Sea system programme by opening competitive calls for proposals and funding projects of high excellence and relevance. 

The second priority focuses on facilitating the cooperation of Baltic Sea system researchers and integration of research programmes. BONUS will support variety of specific support actions: organising conferences and workshops, facilitating communication and information exchange as well as fostering common use of research infrastructures.  

The third priority focuses on the young generation and aims at carrying out strategies to strengthen human capacity building in interdisciplinary science and science-based management.  

The fourth priority aims at establishing smooth and effective links between scientists, policy makers and knowledge users. The aim is that the impact of BONUS is high in ensuring that the Baltic Sea system research is applicable for real-life solutions, and policy-making is based on scientific knowledge.

What are the strategic objectives of BONUS?

Who can become a BONUS member? What does it entail?

What does it mean that BONUS contributes to European Research Area (ERA)?

What does it mean that BONUS is an Article-185 programme?

What is BONUS+ ? What are BONUS+ projects?


What is BONUS Law?

Who are the BONUS stakeholders?

Who are the BONUS advocates?

What is the geographical area covered by BONUS?

How does BONUS help to protect the Baltic Sea?

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