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Why should you get/be involved with the BONUS programme?

By being actively involved in the BONUS programme, and, in particular, by telling what are biggest knowledge needs for better design and implementation of policies, you can ensure, that research will address the right questions.

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How is BONUS research policy relevant?

The starting point for the development of the BONUS strategic research agenda was a thorough analysis of the international, EU and Baltic Sea regional policy landscape. This analysis, together with the wide consultation of the key policymakers, as well as those who implement the policies in the Baltic Sea countries, ensured that the BONUS calls for proposals will be policy relevant. Furthermore, when evaluating and selecting the projects to be funded, policy relevance is one of the criteria.

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What is the evidence of impact of BONUS knowledge to date in decision making? How is it ensured to be policy driven and fit-for-purpose?

BONUS follows progress of all projects it funds regularly. The projects are asked to give information about their communications with the decision makers. For example, in the ongoing 16  BONUS+ projects scientists attended 200 stakeholder and scientific committees as members or observers, resulted 14 times in modifications made to relevant policy documents and action plans and made over 40 suggestions for designing, implementing and evaluating the efficacy of pertinent public policies and governance.

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How can BONUS support you in obtaining the desired information?

Without in depth understanding about the scientific work it may be difficult to see which project is dealing with the issue of relevance to your information needs. Also it may be difficult or time consuming to find in each instance the desired information from the projects’ dissemination material. In such cases the BONUS Secretariat can help you in finding a proper communication partner within the BONUS projects.

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What can I do as a manager within a sector relevant to marine and/or maritime issues? 

You can follow BONUS programme’s communications and participate in BONUS events, and express your perspectives on how Baltic Sea could be better protected. You can consider and express what are the main hindrances and obstacles for better protection of the Baltic Sea within your sector, and where more sound scientific knowledge is needed. You can collaborate closely with the research groups working within BONUS, and become a member of a project advisory board or even a participant.

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