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11.11.2016 New BONUS MIRACLE publication

Zilans et al. have published the report D 6.1 “Report on the conceptual framework of the ecosystem services approach for improved policy integration”. The report can be downloaded from the project website.

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04.12.2016 21:25Three cheers for a motivation penguine (Sources & Sinks: A Tale of Coastal Biogeochemistry - BONUS COCOA)

About two weeks ago, THE big moment was there: after 3 years, I finally took the last field samples of my PhD. Oooh, wooow...ahm, well. As so often in life, you don´t notice big moments when they are there. So also here, as we decided first some days later that I actually would have enough data. Thus, except for a beautiful sampling scenery in early Finnish snow, the last official sampling was rather unspectacular.

DSC02001 (Medium) DSC02012 (Medium)

DSC02008 (Medium)DSC02018 (Medium)

Early morning start, Gemax mud sampling, some light in the far distance and pore water sampling in ice and snow- sampling routine in winter conditions at the Finnish coast.

No more digging in mud and sand, hu, and now? Luckily, as PhD student you are hardly ever bored :-)

After all the fun on the water there remains the task of making sense of your data. And that´s exactly, what all of the BONUS COCOA PhD students are doing right now: writing manuscripts. Also the 3rd year of the COCOA project seemed to have passed on the fly, which means that us PhD students come closer and closer to the finish line (which has different time length still though, from several months to a year). The pre-christmas time is nearly famous for dedicated working towards manuscript submission- everyone wants to have them done before the holidays to not get distracted by excel, sigmaplot and ocean data view from drinking glöggi.

Thus, you won´t be surprised to find most of us these days hidden behind paper-piles and computer screens- no matter whether in Helsinki or Warnemuende:

DSCN8106 (Medium)DSCN8092 (Medium)

DSCN8097 (Medium)

DSCN8109 (Medium)DSCN8114 (Medium)

Ines und Franziska (Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemuende), fighting with nutrient dynamics in the rather dynamic Vistula estuary, Polish coast.

But is the prospect of drinking glöggi with a data unoccupied brain really the only motivation carrying us through the writing process? No, it´s not. Luckily there´s the motivation penguin (Ines), motivation cards (Franzi) and motivation t-shirts (me).

DSCN8102 (Medium)_h (Medium)DSC_5502

Fingers crossed for high motivation on the pre-christmas manuscript submission finish line!

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