Over 100  young scientists learned about seven secrets of extremely successful researchers

“I think everyone will say that we spent a great time listening and discussing among us the difficult life of early career scientist struggling between science, supervisors, distractions and sense of guilt. It was a mind opening seminar that will help for sure all of us attending it to give a new boost to our studies and research."
 – participant at the "Seven secrets of extremely successful researchers" workshop at the 10th BSSC, led by Hugh Kearns (in the middle) >more


08.07.2015 UNESCO Call for Case Studies on water quality (emerging pollutants)

The UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme is inviting government agencies, research institutions and universities to submit proposals for case studies on emerging pollutants in water and wastewater.

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29.06.2015 Call for ICES ASC 2016 theme session proposals open

Submit a theme session proposal for next year’s Annual Science Conference (ASC) by 1 September 2015

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News from projects

08.07.2015 Blueprint scientists chair round-table discussion on indicators at the BSSC meeting in Riga

Blueprint researchers Lasse Riemann, Matthias Labrenz, and Christin Bennke chaired a round-table discussion on the development and implementation of novel indicators of environmental status in the Baltic Sea at the 10th Baltic Sea Science Congress “Science and innovation for future of the Baltic and the European regional seas”, Riga, Latvia, 15-19 June 2015. The week-long conference was co-organized by BONUS. The round-table was initiated by a keynote talk by HELCOM program manager Lena Avellan, invited by Blueprint. This was followed by talks by Lasse Riemann and Christin Bennke. The lively discussion after the talks was centered around the requirements and characteristics of putative novel indicators, with focus on genetic indicators pursued within the Blueprint project. Many strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls were highlighted – which will be useful in guiding research within Blueprint in the upcoming years.

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29.06.2015 Summary of Fishview Experiments 2014-2015

In the last month of 2014 was received the new Fishview prototype. Since then several experiments have been performed. Enjoy the video-summaries on some of these experiments in the following links.

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Project blogs

31.07.2015 13:25Back to the Öre estuary (Sources & Sinks: A Tale of Coastal Biogeochemistry - COCOA)

Summer time- the entire university lies asleep in an air of peace and silence.

The entire….? Well, no! Our meribiologian laboratorio fought the summer dreaming and has been continuously buzzing with activity. Summer time is also field work time and on the schedule for the coming week is the COCOA August sampling campaign at the Öre estuary.

haps travel 2DSC01430

3 months after we sampled the Öre estuary in April from the sea surface to the deep sediment, we are about to return to do the same again. The reason for coming twice to the same location is to look for seasonal effects on the measured biogeochemical parameters, for example based on seasonally varying temperature and organic matter content and quality.

There have been few chances to the sampling team meeting up at UMF Norrbyn. Welcome to the new team members:


Colin Stedmon, Technical University of Denmark

Colin will measure the flux of DOM from oxic sediments and evaluate the bioavailability of the DOM released and its optical signature. Furthermore, he will continue Heather´s work from the April campaign by taking porewater samples to describe downcore porewater concentrations of DOM and to derive diffusive fluxes of DOC, CDOM/FDOM.


Urban Wünsch: Technical University of Denmark

Urban will take water samples along the salinity transect to construct maps and salinity/mixing plots of CDOM, FDOM and DOC of the estuary. This might provide an indication of how DOM quantity and optical quality might change. Furthermore, he will do DOM bioavailability experiments to provide an indication of general DOC bioavailability and how the optical characteristics change with degradation.


Stefano Bonaglia, Lund University

Stefano is just about to start his PostDoc with the COCOA project. At the Öre estuary he will replace Bruno and help Laetitia with core slicing and porewater analysis. Beyond that, he will also measure anammox in both sandy and muddy sediments with the slurry incubation technique.

Anni Jylha-Vuorio, Helsinki UniversityDSC_3780

Anni is a summer intern in the “Nutrient cycles in aquatic ecosystems” group of Susanna Hietanen. At the Öre estuary, she replaces Petra and helps Dana both on the boat with sampling and in the lab with denitrification incubations and oxygen micro profiles.


Magnus Mörth, Stockholm University

Magnus Mörth is an isotope geochemist who will support and reinforce the sampling efforts of the Stockholm group.

Looking forward to another intense sampling week, no chance to get bored this summer.

Dana (73)Dana (62)

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